Identity Fraud


Personal documents, credit card receipts, checks. All of these require signatures and sensitive information that can be used to steal your property and your wealth. Your handwriting is a piece of your identity, and with that small piece, everything you’ve built could be unraveled. In the information age, criminals have become more and more sophisticated, and our personal information more vulnerable to crime. Banks and government organizations must increase their security to guard against these crimes and restore what is lost to their victims. Handwriting expertise is a key component of this.

With a keen eye and years of experience, Beverley East can help prove that your identity has been compromised, and see that you are repaid what you have lost. Her knowledge may also prove useful in identifying the perpetrator by matching his or her handwriting to the fraudulent documents and seeing that person brought to justice. Without proof of the crime, it can take years to repair damaged credit, rebuild lost funds, and restore one’s good name. It is crucial that you have someone on your side with the experience and knowledge to distinguish the genuine from the fraudulent.

Ms. East has worked with individuals, attorneys, small businesses, banks to ensure that they and their trusting consumers do not fall prey to criminals who wish to profit off of others’ identities. As a trusted handwriting examiner in Washington, DC, the Caribbean, and the UK, Ms. East has helped numerous victims of identity theft and check fraud. Banks and credit unions such as the National Commercial Bank, Jamaica Money Market Brokers, and the Jamaica National Building Society have relied on Ms. East’s services to validate or examine suspect signatures.


Around the world and in Washington, DC Check fraud typically occurs when a business employee issues a payment without proper authorization. It is not uncommon for employees who push paperwork to know how to copy their bosses’ signatures. For individuals, forgeries often happen with individuals stealing and altering their checks, and using false identification to cash them. In either case, a qualified Washington, DC handwriting examiner like Ms. East can examine the documents to show if and how they have been altered, and whether the signatures are real. Ms. East has testified as an expert witness in identity fraud and forgery cases.

Don’t let someone steal your reputation, your business, your earnings, your identity. If you think you are at risk, or have been the victim of fraud, contact handwriting examiner Beverley East and start rebuilding today.

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