Disputed Land Transfer


We spend a lot of time living behind security devices.  We bolt our doors at nights and key in a code on our solid alarm systems when we leave the house. However, when we are not residing on a piece of land and it lies dormant, it is at greater risk and often we become preyed upon by our very own families.  

Fraudulent Land transfers happen frequently in the Caribbean, especially if the rightful owner of the land lives overseas. Land transfer fraud happens between families, as no outsiders have access to these documents or knowledge of the land in question. They are usually caused by internal conspiracies between one family member and another.

The presumption that the absentee land owner is not coming back or doesn’t need the land is all too common.   Based on this assumption, documents can be altered and land transferred without the real owner’s permission or consent.



In the Caribbean region, land documents can present an intricate level of duplicity, far more sophisticated than in other parts of the world.  It is essential, in such cases to hire forensic document examiner with experience and training. Land transfer is a very large proportion of Ms. East’s work in the Caribbean. If you are facing a land transfer dispute, contact Beverley East today.

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