Beverley East has practiced the science of forensic document examination in the US, UK, Jamaica and other countries for 24 years.
She has worked on a number of cases involving a variety of handwriting identification such as verifying the authenticity of signatures, and comments for fraud and malpractice in relation to checks, wills, contracts and medical records.
Ms. East’s opinion has been sought after for major media landmark cases such as the Jon Benet Ramsey investigation. Her opinion on the Anthrax letters was included in the National Geographic television documentary, which aired internationally in September 2009.
Ms. East has examined many will and testament fraud cases and won consistently in the Supreme Court in Kingston, Jamaica, the High Court of Trinidad & Tobago, and the Federal Courts of Washington, DC. One significant examination resulted in a $4.5 million win for a DC lawyer from Ross Bell and Dixon for authenticating the 18th century explorer Alfred Wallace’s 1,700-item collection for the Smithsonian Museum.
Ms. East has provided an 18-month training course in Forensic Questioned Document Examination for a division of the Jamaican Police Force.
She also provides Question Document training seminars for several banks including Jamaica Money Market Brokers, RBTT Bank, Jamaica National Building Society, and Jamaica Institute of Management.
Ms. East has lectured at major universities and colleges, and written for organizations such as the British Society of Graphologists, and publications such as the Washington Post.
She studied and trained both in the UK and the USA and qualified through the National Bureau of Questioned Document Examiners in New York. Ms. East apprenticed with the world renowned Document Examiner Felix Klein.
A recipient of several awards, Ms. East is a member of the National Association of Document Examiners.
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