Altered Documents



Most of us never think we will require a Washington, DC handwriting expert’s services. However, you would be surprised to know what type of documents people try to alter. There are medical reports, insurance claim forms, receipts, checks, contracts– the list is endless.  Oftentimes you will think “This could never happen to me” but seven out of ten people will experience this unfortunate incident at some time in their lives, either on a personal level or in the workplace. When you are presented with documents that can change the course of your finances or even your life, it’s best to act quickly.  

This is a reality that Washington D.C. handwriting examiners like Beverley East face daily.  Many have tried to alter legal documents to produce outcomes in their favor.  Sometimes their belief is that a small change within a larger document is less likely to be noticed than a document that is completely forged.  When this happens, it is imperative that you seek help from a forensic document examiner, one trusted in courts of law across the world.

As a handwriting examiner with decades of experience, Ms. East can compare any inconsistencies in a document – disparities that would be missed by the untrained eye– and cross-reference them against a known sample.  From there, Ms. East will work within her network of trusted forensic document examiners to verify and reinforce her findings. These findings can be cited in a letter of opinion or a detailed report with comparative graphics. If not settled in mediation, then Ms. East is qualified to testify before the court to demonstrate her findings and assist the court with a final judgment.

Banks trust Ms. East to review potentially altered checks and train their staff to identify them as well.  Attorneys regularly retain Ms. East to review sensitive legal documents.  Businesses hire her to review inconsistencies in their books. Private investigators rely on her to unravel discrepancies in suspicious entries in ledgers and other documents.

Handwriting Examiner for Will and Testament Fraud

One of the most serious types of document alteration is will and testament fraud.  One person dies, but somehow two wills surface.  A qualified handwriting examiner can determine the authenticity of the disputed documents.

A will is a particularly sensitive item because it accompanies loss.  To prove its authenticity, it is best left in the hands of a competent interpreter such as Ms. East, who understands the sensitive nature of your situation. She will handle your matter in a time-sensitive manner, and with objectivity.

She often advises her clients  “Don’t tell me the story – just give me to documents and the truth will surface within them.”


If you suspect a will and testament fraud, or alteration of any important document that impacts you, it is important to seek an expert opinion as early as possible.  Beverley East is a highly trained, court qualified, independent questioned document examiner.  Her disciplined training and years of experience make her one of the best in the world, as recognized by the Institute of Caribbean Studies, who awarded her the Caribbean American Heritage Forerunner Award in 2015. For help from a trusted document examiner, contact Beverley East today.Washington DC Handwriting Examiner for Altered Documents

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