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Prevention is better than fraud
WHOSE SIGNATURE IS IT ANYWAY? The recession has pushed white-collar crime to an all-time high. But those who are responsible for checking signatures have limited experience in identifying the authenticity of signatures. What are your front line tellers/staff really looking for?  So many characteristics can be revealed in a single signature.
This one-day seminar includes real case studies and gives step-by-step indicators of  how to examine a signature or a handwriting sample.

Seminar Outline

–          Accredited Seminars approved through the General Legal Counsel in Kingston Jamaica

–          Four basic principles of handwriting identification

  •      Pattern recognition

–          Identifying slant, pressure and zones

–          Recognizing proportions of letters, upper loops and lower loops

–          Letter connections and letter formations

–          I dots and full stops

–          Punctuation style and place

–          Margins, numbers and all the stuff in between

–          Hands on examination of real case studies:  On checks, Wills, Mortgage documents and land transfers

This seminar is accredited through the General Legal Council in Kingston Jamaica.

What participants have to say:
“Helpful and to the point”
“The best seminar I’ve attended in a long time”

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