Anonymous Letters Evaluation

Anonymous Notes

Anonymous Notes show up anywhere, at any time in the most unusual places: On your desk, in your mailbox, even on walls.  They can be threatening, they can be abusive.

They can demand money.  

No return address, No signature, you have received an anonymous letter and you need to know who sent it, for legal reasons, for peace of mind or sometimes even for your own safety.  This is where the work of a handwriting expert is required.  Beverley East has over 27 years’ experience as a forensic document examiner in Washington, D.C. London, UK and Kingston,  Jamaica among other regions.

Ms. East’s work has proven instrumental in unlocking the characteristics of dangerous letters, as shown in the National Geographic documentary Hunting the Anthrax Killer.  As one of the Caribbean’s most trusted experts, Ms. East can identify several characteristic to determine the writer’s identity.

Identification rests on the fact that no two people write exactly the same.  Perhaps the handwriting in your anonymous letters seems vaguely familiar.  If so Ms. East may compare your letter with writing samples of people in your life.  Anonymous letters are often sent by people we know, people who feel personally invested in areas of our lives. Although authors may try to disguise their writing, a single trait such as pattern recognition, pen pressure or line quality can betray them.  

There are dozens of traits that makes one’s handwriting unique.  With various optical lenses, well-trained eyes, and patience to examine each of them in detail, a qualified Washington, DC handwriting expert can unlock clues that will lead you to the author.  

Not only has Ms. East analyzed handwriting for many years, legal and banking professionals have relied on her to train their staff.  With a highly knowledgeable and trusted document examiner, the truth will surface. Ms. East finds “The devil in the details”

One such instance was a series of threatening anonymous notes sent by a disgruntled co-worker to over 60 women.  Ms. East was given over 100 samples of writing to find the culprit.  After detailed comparisons she was able to determine the author by similar comparisons in his writing and the anonymous notes, allowing the women to take action against the harassment.

If need to know the source of an anonymous note, contact

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